Canoes on Mälaren
Canoes on Mälaren


At Svedäng you never have to be bored. We have a lot of activities for visitors, including a sauna, tennis court, rowing boat and canoes.

Picture of the sauna raft

Sauna raft

We have a sauna raft which is approximatly 60m² with sauna, relax and an outdoors seating area. You can be about 10 people on the sauna raft all year round. You have access to the raft for 3 hours per booking. The towels are included in the price.


1500 SEK, max 10 people
1000 SEK, max 5 people
Time: 3 hours, towels included
For guests staying at Svedäng's: 100 SEK/person for 2 hours (minimum 400 SEK)
1/11 - 31/3: Price after agreement
Heating before arrival: 200 SEK

The sauna raft Details inside the sauna


We have a tennis court since 2008, you can rent rackets and balls. Think about not using shoes with black soles since they leave ugly marks.


50 SEK/h. You can't book the tennis court more than 14 days in advance.

Overview of the tennis court Overview of the tennis court


Enjoy a canoe ride on the Lake Mälaren. We have two canoes that you can rent. You can book the canoes by talking to us. Life jackets are available to borrow.


The price is 50 SEK / hour or 200 SEK to rent the canoes all day.

Canoes on Mälaren Canoes on Mälaren

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